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MK-I Viper
Viper Mark I.png
Class/Type: Viper
Affiliation: Republic of the 12 Colonies
Navy: Colonial Fleet
Length: 29 feet (8.7m)
Draft: 13 feet (3.8m)
Decks/Sections: 1 (Cockpit)
Commissioned: 12-20 years before the Fall (estimated)

50-70 Yahren BTF (TOS Estimate)

Current Status: Active (after retrofit)
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2, 1 pilot, 1 Navigator/Passenger
Drive Systems
Main Power/Fuel Systems: Tylium core (Central)

emergency Solium tanks

Sub-Light Engines: 3 sublight aft-mounted engines
Main FTL Engines: 1 heavy hyperengine (central)
Offensive Systems
Missle Systems: 2 fusion missile launch tubes
Kinetic Projectile Weapons: 2 KDM Kinetic Areo-Rifles (Colonial Standard)
Particle Beam Weapons: 2 forward-firing laser-torpedo guns
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: At least 1 Nuclear warhead
Defensive Systems

The prestigious Viper Mark One (also referred to as the Starhound Class Viper) is the first model of the illustrious Colonial Viper space superiority fighter line. The Mark One first entered military service shortly before the First Cylon War as a preemptive counteraction against the now independent Cylon Fleet, the Viper Mark One was later replaced with the Viper Mark II.


Original Series[]

The Viper Mark I, also known as the Starhound Class was the dominant type in the original series. It was created at some point in the 7th Millennium to replace the now obsolete 6th Millennium fighter known as the Scorpion Mark I as the war between the twelve Colonies and the Cylon Empire escalated.

Another version, the Recon Viper also iknown as the Starchaser used for recon and is seen during a mission with Starbuck.

Galactica 1980[]

A two seats Viper is seen during Galactica 1980. This is probable a subclass or improve version of the Mark One.

The New Series (Re-imagined Series)[]

A Viper Mark One is seen in the Miniseries, night one. It is in the museum scene and can be clearly seen as a background exhibit along with original Cylons, Raiders and Baseships. The Mark One was created as a next stage/generation multi atmospheric areo-space craft designed shortly before the Cylon uprising nearly 52 years before the fall of the twelve Colonies. The Mark One remained as the central defense fighter craft of the Colonial Fleet for nearly two years before the creation of the Mark-II which unto itself led to the evolution of the fighter line itself.

Fan Fiction[]

Gutted out Mk.I from Battlestar Hermes

Battlestar Hermes (D5)[]

A gutted Viper Mk.I will appear in a future chapter of Battlestar Hermes: Faststar although it has not been revealed how this happens.

Battlestar Leonidas (D8)[]

At least two Viper Mark Ones will appear in a future volume/chapter of Battlestar Leonidas (Series). Admiral Arthur Wallace spends his free time restoring two of them prior to the fall. The two Viper Mark One will become Viper Mark I Refit. the Viper Mark I was retire because it was fuel whore because of it turbo. The two Viper Arthur is restoring 0225AK and 0550BB.

In the Leonidas Universe, the Viper is the first Starhound Class Viper.

Survival of the Battlestar Stryker (D5)[]

One Mark I, Viper 0225AK appears in Survival of the Battlestar Stryker. Major Arthur Wallace restored two of them and was going to donated them to the Stryker museum on Aquaria and Picon. It is also reveal that the Viper Mark I was retire because it is a fuel whore because of it turbo.


The images is taking from Wolf Shipyards and was created by CanisD.