VF-120A Phoenix


Class/Type: Viper Command
Length: 14.23 Meters
Beam: 14.78 (Full Wingspan)
Draft: 3.84 Meters
Ships Manufacturer: IWS Phoenix Combat Sciences Developmental Labs.
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 Cylon Slipcore)
Skeleton Crew: None
Ships Systems
Avionics/Helm Systems: Neural Linked CORA System
Main Sensor Systems: Tactical Combat Sensors
Misc. Systems: EPR Based Energy/Matter Temporal Cloaking Device
  • Cavorite Powered Anti-Gravity Landing Field
  • Internal HyperJump Personnel Transport System (Emergency)
Drive Systems
Power Systems: 1 Solenium Crystal Hub (Central)
  • 2 P-Rod powered FF-2001 Thermonuclear Reactors (2ndary)
  • 20 Tylium Reserve Energy Pods
Sub-Light Engines: 4 NBS-1 Heavy Industry Tachyon Ultradrive Turbodyne Engines
  • 18 LPH-04 High Impact Manuvering Thrusters
Main FTL Engines: 1 Mini Quantum (Temporal) Warp Synthesizer Core

1 Cylon Hybrid Astrometric HyperJump Core

Max Atmospheric Speed: 7.5 Hectons per Second (Mach 195)
Maximum FTL Acceleration/Range: Quantum SlipJump Range of 4 Uni-Parcecs
Maximum Hyperspeed/Jump Range: 209 Parcecs
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: 8 Internal Particle Lazer Torpedo Batteries (Valkyrie & Ragnar Classes) (Multi Targeting)
Missle Systems: 5 Fusion Missle Tubes
  • 4 Nuclear Mass Warhead Tubes
  • 3 Solonite Spacial Charge Launchers
  • 2 BDM Kenetic Mini Mass Packet Launchers
Particle Beam Weapons: 4 Particle Lazer Cannons (1,000 Ultra Watt Range) (Hellfire Class)
  • 2 Long Range Mazer Cannons
  • 5 TurboLaser Pulse Cannons
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 1 Rotating Phase Nuclear Beam Cannon
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: SWAG Energy Converting Armor (External)
Countermeasures: Internal Electronic Countermeasure Particle Generator (ECH) Grid
  • 4 Scattershot Particle Drone Emitters
  • 1 Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Generator
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040's)
Affiliation/Alligences: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Ships Role/Purpose: Command/Fighter Control Starfighter for IWS Phoenix

The VF-120A Phoenix is the custom Command Viper Starfighter for Imperial WarStar IWS Phoenix.

Fighter Specifcations Edit

Fighter Type: All Environment Variable Starfighter
Operational Deployment Date: Febuary 1, 2047
Phyiscal Accommodation: Only 1 Human Pilot located in Astrometric Control Zero Point Ejector Seat

Construction History Edit

Construction of the Phoenix began on July 15, 2046 at IWS Phoenix Combat Sciences Developmental Labortories aboard IWS Phoenix as part of a Ships Command Viper Devlopment Project in order to enhance Phoenixs Commandim Fighter structure.


VF Phoenix in flight.