Ive been noticing lately on a lot of other Science Fiction based wikis here that there has been an almost disturbingly high amount of critisism and nitpicking of Admins to other users on story/image sourcing and general story structure and content (this includes Memory Gamma). on both MG and Star Wars Fanon there is a annual mass deletion of stories and files that either dont meet the standards of the powers that be, is abandoned, or makes little to no sense.

While these reasons (some at least) are understandable many others are not this seems to be for 2 main reasons.

1. Admins appear to think that they or the wiki itself must have a higher quality of editing, artwork and storytelling. But lets be realistic not every ones a future Shakespeare or Wordsworth so lets try not to have far too High expectations.

2. Admins appear to believe that their on a canon wiki. They are not, so no one should expect to know the absolute background of every episode of the TV or Movie based storyline that their working on (it does help to create a better story/timeline but its not absolutely necessary) nor should they demand that the user site sources of images. This all fiction not based on any past factual filmed event so this should not remotely be necessary or required.

On Memory Gamma I myself have been effected by these mass deletion purges. Admittedly I did have many articles there that were far too short but several of my own originally created images were also deleted (as to why I do not know). As well several other editors works were also erased thus halting any further work to their own stories. This appears to make no clear sense. So far I have not received any messages from Wikia central saying that their servers can only handle so much information so it is mandatory for me to erase a large portion of files for space saving so why delete so many some fairly well written articles?.

Here on Battlestar Fanon I promise not to be so nitpicky or so demanding of canon cross reference. Some editors (speaking in the future tense) have spent years on their work (even if at times it is poorly spelled) so what absolute right do I have to ruin or halt the public viewing of their works?.

If you have an opinion on this feel free to comment and speak out. Thanks. From -- Lindsay Lohan Phoenix 11:13, April 1, 2010 (UTC)