Central Insignia of the 12 Colonies

The Twelve Colonies of Kobol spin around a single star on elliptical orbits. The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus System. The colonies are united under the Republic of the 12 Colonies.

Closest to the sun is sweltering, volcanic planet of Canceron, the greatest source of Tylium in the system.

After Canceron is a Trojan orbit of planets -- three worlds following the same orbital path, separated by roughly the same distance, one-sixth the orbit's diameter. In order, these planets are Aquaria, Caprica, and Virgon. They are centers of art, culture, and system-wide trade.

Two gas giants followed, each in its own elliptical path and each itself orbited by a number of moons.

The first of these behemoths gas giant is Zeus, named after the king of the gods, and it's moons are Leonis, Picon, Scorpia, and Aerelon. Aerelon is the largest moons of Zeus.

The second gas giant was Hera and her moons are Gemenon and Libris, with Sagittaron likewise spinning opposite. Hera and their moons were the heart of the system. This real estate was the most heavily contested during the colonies many civil wars.

At the outermost edge of the system dwelled the planet Tauron.

At the outer edge of the system is the third gas giant named Ragnar
Twelve Colonies of Kobol (A)

Twelve Colonies Map

, with Ragnar Anchorage in it orbit.