Time warp effect

A QuantumJump Corridor

The Temporal Warp Synthesizer or as it is more commonly known as a QuantumJump Core is the primary Faster Than Light propulsion drive of the Colonial and Imperial Colonial Fleet of the 13 colonies. It allows for all colonial spacecraft from battlestars to vipers to travel 4th dimensionally to nearly any point in basic space at a near or at instantaneous point in time (from minutes to seconds to nanoseconds).

Drive Mechanics Edit

As its name suggests the drive system "synthesizes" or artificially generates an artificial passive corridor of outer temporal matter within the fabric of space-time which can naturally occur (although rarely) which is known as a temporal pocket. The Drive creates this artificial pocket based on three basic scientific principals of spacial, temporal, and energetic displacement.

This combined form of exotic combined displacement allows for near perfect physical transference of solid objects without the major destruction or disturbance of the surrounding physical space or nearby objects creating minimal impact on outer planetary environmental and property based harm.

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