Solenium Crystals Are the primary Crystallic Fusion power source for most Imperial Colonial and Cylon WarStars and main solid base element for many heavy munitions weapons systems.

Element Composition & Processing Edit

Solenium Crystals are a solidified version of pure Solenium a energetic form of a solar fission based radiating element. The crystals are created within a Solex Compression chamber. The chamber acts as a combination super Computron unit and energy control device as the Solenium is placed inside the chamber the element undergoes 3 distinct stages.

Element Processing Stages Edit

  • 1. The 1st basic stage of the Solenium is in its primary gaseous form as the fission based Bose Gas is entered into the Compresion chamber the Solex processors begin to manipulate the element atom by atom in order not to accidentally ingiting the explosive gas. As the Crystal processors recombine and fuse the molecules the gas converts into 2 other forms.
  • 2. 2nd Stage Solium as the Solex processors begin to solidify the element the Solenium begins to convert into its 2dary power based liquid form known as Solium. As the Solenium begins to reach its crystallized form the Solium becomes more and more unstable.