Emblem adopted by the SLA

The Sagittaron Liberation Army (S.L.A.) is an armed secessionist group originating on Sagittaron.


The S.L.A. emerged approximately seven years before 'The Fall'. It was formed by the amalgamation of several smaller groups who on their own could do little against Colonial rule. However, under the band of the S.L.A. these groups posed a very serious threat to law and order on the colony.

Six years before 'The Fall' the SLA was brought to public attention when they kidnapped President Adar's sister and niece from a Transport Shuttle and held them to ransom. An operation lead by Commander Tolan freed them and the main S.L.A. base was bombed from orbit. This event seriously hindered the S.L.A.s efforts but they remained a headache for security forces right up until 'The Fall' of the Twelve Colonies.

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