Sagittaron is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
Sagittaron (Sagittarion)

Sagittaron Flag

Sagittaron was colonized by a splinter faction of Gemenese fundamentalists who felt that their brothers and sisters didn't embrace the faith enough. They chose a distant planet opposite the gas giant Hera for its remote location and fertile land.

The other colonies often viewed Sagittarons as uncultured, unwashed heathens and exploited them. They took advantage of them in trade negotiations, keeping them poor. On many occasions, they simply stole from them, or worse. At one time or another, half the other colonies claimed territory on Sagittaron. They destroyed the planet's buildings and some even took its people as slaves.

Naturally, this didn't instill much good will in the Sagittarons, but most of them refused to take action. They just don't make much of a fuss, even when their caustic tempers get the best of them. One of their popular phrases sums it up nicely, "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit over here next to me."

The Sagittarons are a simple people, pacifists by nature, herbalists and farmers by trade. They believe that sloth is the ultimate sin and that work is faith. None of that is too far out there but they're so keyed into 'separateness' that lots of folks dislike them.

They withdraw from society but they aren't hermits - they don't shun outsiders but don't have much use for them either. They don't attend school but they aren't stupid - they teach each other skills the rest of the colonies never adopted.

They refuse medicine but are not suicidal, they believe that the Lords of Kobol save those who deserve salvation. They reject many technologies that make life easier, viewing shortcuts as sin. Only those who embrace challenges are assured eternal deliverance.

A few Sagittarons are real hard-cases. One of the survivors, Tom Zarek, was the leader of a terrorist group known as the Sagittaron Freedom Movement. Twenty years ago, he and his followers blew up a government building in protest over the mistreatment of his people. He also wrote an inflammatory book that was virtually banned throughout the colonies. In keeping with their pacifist ways, many Sagittarons speak out against Zarek, but those who support him seem to be growing.

Notable SagittaronsEdit

Jacob Cantrell

Anastasia Dualla

Willie King

Portia King

Clarice Willow

Thomas Zarek