MK-II Momba
Fighter momba
Aliases/Other Names: Juggernaut
Class/Type: Ares (Long Range Heavy Assault/Impact Starfighter)
Length: 18.4 Meters
Beam: 9.1 Meters
Draft: 4.1 Meters
Decks/Sections: 2 (1 flight section, 1 Nav section)
Cargo Capasity: 4.4 Metric Tons
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 Cylon Hybrid Astrometric Jumpcore)
Skeleton Crew: 1
Passenger Capasity: 3
Ships Systems
Main Navigation System: Central Astrometric Cockpit

1 Astrometric Cylon HyperJump Core

Avionics/Helm Systems: Neural Linked CORA System
Main Sensor Systems: Tactical Combat Sensors
Drive Systems
Power Systems: 1 Solenium Crystal Array

10 P-Rod Interconnected Energizer Arrays

Sub-Light Engines: 6 Ion UltraDrive Engines

450 Heavy Impact Manuvering thrusters

Main FTL Engines: 1 Cylon HyperJump Core
Max Atmospheric Speed: 6.9 Hectons per Second (Mach 180)
Maximum Hyperspeed/Jump Range: 210 Parsecs
Maximum Quantum (Temporal) Jump Range: 5 Uni-Parsecs

10 Uni-Parsecs (emergency speed)

Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: 6 Internal Particle Lazer Torpedo Arrays (Ragnar & Kali Class) (Multi Targeting)
Missle Systems: 10 Fusion Missile Tubes (Classes 4 to 12)
  • 6 Nuclear Misslie Tubes
  • 4 Hydrogen Missile Tubes
Particle Beam Weapons: 8 Particle Lazer Cannons (Hellfire Class)
  • 6 TurboLaser Mini Cannons
  • 2 Phase Ion Beam Cannons
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 1 Focused Graviton Shot Cannon
  • 2 Demolition Plasma Bio-Cannons
  • 2 BDM Mini Mass Packet Launchers
  • 1 Solenium Mass Warhead Launcher
Defensive Systems
Countermeasures: Internal Electronic Countermeasure Particle Generator (ECH) Grid

1 Scattershot Particle Flare Array

Basic Defense Systems: Force Shields (Primary)
  • Polarized Particle Shield(2ndary)
  • Electronic Defense Shield (Emergency)
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c. 2040's)
Affiliation/Alligences: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Ships Navy/Fleet: Imperial Colonial Fleet
Ships Role/Purpose: Main Heavy Defense Starfighter on all Imperial WarStars

The MK-II Momba is the Central Heavy Combat/Defense Starfighter For the United Empire of the 13 Colonies and held the prominent title of Main/Central Imperial Starfighter and was vastly used during the War of Imperial ReUnification throughout the majority of the 2030s.

Also known as the "Juggernaut" the Momba was truly a force to be reckoned with, gifted with both power and speed the fighter during this brutal era had no equal.