Libris is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
Libran (Libris)

Libris Flag

Libris is known mostly as the colony that warred the least. Rattled or perhaps disgusted by the flight from Kobol, its people chose a seemingly out of the way moon and interacted little with their brothers and sisters. They shunned most of the colony wars, gaining a reputation for having cool heads. At one point, the colonies tried to formalize this, asking the Libris to mediate looming conflicts. They refused.

Libris had many natural resources but not much of any of them. Its people had many skills, but didn't specialize in anything. Some of them fought. Some of them farmed. Some mined. Over the first several centuries in the system, the planet generated its slow, steady income from many small enterprises. It wasn't until the other colonies realized that Libras is the safest place for their money that the world gained a real name for itself.

The Libris banking system grew quickly. Folks appreciated that their savings wouldn't go up in a puff of ordinance every time a war broke out. Before long, the Libris were one of the wealthiest colonies in the system. All they had to do was take people's money, protect it, and skim off their share.

Several hundred years ago, Libris decided to invest its cubit stockpiles in the one thing they had in abundance: land. They built resorts, casinos, and cruise ships such as the Space Park, a passenger liner now flying with the fleet. This attracted people from every colony and made Libris one of the hottest destinations around.

Libris are an intense bunch. Their financial background demands serious, focused attention, but their entertainment venues let them unwind in style. A Libris rarely does anything halfway, when he's on, nothing can shake him and when he's not, he's almost certainly at a party. Libris parties are legendary.

Notable LibrisEdit

Oswin Eriku


The spelling of Libris change between Libris and Libran. Since this pages is base on Twelve Coloneis of Kobol (A), which used Libris that is what is used on this pages.