Imperial Colonial Marine Corps (ICMC)
Imperial Colonial Marine Insignia 0001

Central Marine Corps Insignia

Affiliation: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Commanding Navy/Military: Imperial Colonial Fleet
Capitol City: Fort Athena New Caprica Colony, Mars
Unit of Currency: Imperial Gold Cubit or pre-paid cred card
Central/Main Species: Human (Central)


Organization/Military Divisions: Areospace Marines
  • Comm (Communications) Marines
  • RAZOR (Special/Elite Forces) Marines
  • Heavy Marines
Central Leader(s): Laura Roslin (Commander in Chief)

Imperial Colonial Marine Insignia 0002 Imperial Colonial Marine 0001 Type-1 Basic Marine Tactical/Combat Armor

For this Military Organizations RDM Version please see Colonial Marine Corps

The Imperial Colonial Marine Corps or the ICMC as it is commonly known for short is the central ground and Zero-G combat defense force of the United Empire of the 13 Colonies. The Marine Corps protective jurisdiction stretches out across the solar system and even into other galaxies. The Imperial Marines combine tactical elements of Earth, Colonial, and Cylon military training.



The foundation of the Imperial Marines reaches as far back as to the 1st Earth/Cylon War and with the Colonial Fleets unified tactical efforts with the [Wikipedia:United States Marine Corps|United States Marine Corps] in the late 20th Century in order to more efficiently route the oncoming Cylon onslaught.

As the Marine infantry learned new combat tactics with the Fleets far centuries advanced weaponry, the Fleets Colonial Warriors also gained insight into new guerrilla tactics & training from the Marines. As the decades after Earths victory of the first earth/cylon war had passed divisions of both Earth and Colonial military began to merge and become more integrated into a central defense force.

The council of the 12 colonies combined its military resources with 10 of the UN/NATO military special operations forces. The Colonial Warrior Defense Corps joined with the following listed spec ops organizations at an official ceremony at the UN Security Council in New York which included..

Tactical Uniform and GearEdit

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