George Nelson

George 'Dewey' Nelson

Grand Admiral George "Dewey" Nelson is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). He is only the second person every to reach the rank of Grand Admiral...the other one being Grand Admiral Stryker. He was awarded the ranks posthumous by orders of Grand Admiral Stryker after Fleet Admiral Nelson death in a the Battle of Trafalgar Moon (Cylon War). He is base on the characters of Adama (TOS)

Pre - Cylon WarEdit

George Neslon was born on Caprica One hundred and fourteen yeas before the Second Cylon War broke out into a family of Nobility. He would late join the Caprica Military at the ages of the Eighteen. He also would a marry a woman name Ila (I - L - A) at his time at Colonial Military Institute on Caprica .

Cylon WarEdit

Neslon was Sixty - Two years old and only a few years away from retirement, when the Cylon War broken out. He was a Commander in the Caprican Navy and was promoted to Rear Admiral . However because of Caprica being the last Colony to sign the Articles of Unification he was place in second in overall command to the twenty years younger Grand Admiral Stryker because Grand Admiral Stryker hand pick him for the position, feeling like they would work together instead of other Admiral who would attempt to knock Stryker out of the way. He would be promoted from Rear Admiral to Fleet Admiral. However he also achive three gerat victory during the Cylon War the Battle of Caprica, the Battle of Jutland Belt, and Battle of Trafalgar Moon, which he was kill in. He was Seventy - two at the time of his death. However those three battle save the colonies and lead to him being call the second great hero of the Cylon War, after only Supreme Admiral Stryker.

Battle of Trafalgar MoonEdit

During the Battle of Trafalgar Moon, Fleet Admiral Nelson selected the Battlestar Victory, an Atlantis Class Command Battlestar as his flagship. With his trust friend and right hand man beside his side, Commander Terence Carter. During the battle Nelson was injury but refuse to retreat and step down in command as long as the battle was waging on. Shortly after the battle was over his was die of his injury receive during the Battle.

List of Battlestar CommandEdit

Battlestar Galactica, a Columbia Class Battlestar, Commanding Officer after Commander Nash.

Battlestar Victory, a Atlantis Class Command Battlestar, only for the Battle of Trafalgar Moon.


Characters is base on Lorne Greene, who play Commander Adama in the original series and passaway in 1987. Since the Characters of Nelson is also death, I base the characters on him to be a nod to both the original series and to honor Lorne Greene.