Gemenon is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.


Gemenon was the third colony settled, after Tauron and Caprica. The first to arrive were the priests, oracles and others who closely studied the Sacred Scrolls. Others of a religious bent followed. They built shrines and temples by the dozens. The place was so unpleasant, there wasn't much reason to be there.

Gemenon became a place for religious pilgrimage. Visitors bundled up and braved the cold, windswept mountains of this rocky moon to see the original temples and monasteries built by the first colonists. Several natural wonders were exalted as well, including the Faces of the Lords, a series of wind carvings said to resemble the gods. Religious types believed that trips to these sites would awaken and refresh the spirit.

Two sects lived in relative tolerance of one another on Gemenon. The fundamentalists believed that every word of the Sacred Scrolls was literally truth. Even the crazy talk. The gods could heal and regularly bestowed visions on their most devout followers. The cycle of time repeated forever. The 13th Tribe was real and founded Earth. Many see the fundamentalists as a little loony - zealots, or worse. It didn't help that they looked at children as property of the gods and imposed the death penalty for abortion, child abuse, and even a failure to provide proper education.

The second religious faction was made up of orthodox theists. Contrary to their name, these folks were the least judgmental of the Gemenese. They used their resources to found the Colonial Cross, a relief foundation that served the Twelve Colonies. They also operated Kobol College, with schools devoted to philosophy, psychology, medicine, administration, civil engineering, and public relations. Their efforts earned them a significant following and great political pull.

Gemenon is one of the poorest colonies, by choice as well as circumstance. There were families with considerable wealth, but most had little more than strong faith. What money came in it is from lumbering, metal mining and cloud scooping of useful gas from the nearby gas giant, Hera.

Notable GemenonsEdit

Jurgen Belzen

Rya Kibby

Roma Lampkin

Sarah Porter