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Defender Class Escort Vessel

The Defender Class Escort is atype of ship in the Battlestar Hyperion Series written by Jim Quigley.


The Defender was a prototype escort cruiser developed over fifty years ago by, the now defunct Delphi Shipyards near the start of the first Cylon War. After the outbreak of war with the Cylons, the Colonial Military ordered a halt the continuation of the Defender Class. Only three were ever built. It was used to protect larger vessels by either being a screen against incoming fighters or as a fast attack vessel against the smaller vessels in the Cylon fleet. Defenders were not designed for prolonged missions and the constant strain of battle readiness meant their crews rotated more often than any other did.

A few years later Delphi Shipyards sold the design to a unknown transport company and converted to a transport vessel.


  • Single Hanger Bay
  • 14 Rail gun turrets.
  • 120 point-defense turrets
  • A single Class D weapon coil powers the Rail Turrets.
  • Normally assigned a crew of five hundred when on standard patrol.
  • Normally assigned one squadron of vipers and two Mark I shuttles.
  • FTL drive system.

Todd Boyce designed the Protector, Defender and Guardian class ships at the ravensbranch website[]