Baltar: Well, there you have it, Admiral, the most advanced civilization we could locate on this planet. I can't see them talking to each other so either they communicate in a different way, or they're pre-verbal. Judging by the look of their tools, which are rudimentary to say the least, I'd suggest that we found an early, ritualistic tribal society.

Cottle: They bury their dead. I came across a grave a couple of clicks back and ran some tests. By standard definitions, they definitely are a different species from us, but we've got a hell of a lot of similarities. The same number of chromosomes, compatible DNA structures, analogous protein sequences. Even their basic anatomy is virtually indistinguishable from ours.

Baltar: Going by all of that, it's safe to surmise that we can actually breed with them.

Adama: You've got a one-track mind, Doc.

Baltar: What? Listen, I'm talking about the survival of the human race, actually, not some get-together with the natives.

Adama: You also have no sense of humor.

(Tigh, Cottle and Hoshi quietly laugh.)

Baltar: Right. Right, I'm sorry.

Tigh: How is this even possible?

Baltar: Well, parallel evolution is an established fact of astrobiology.

Tigh: Yeah, I know that. We see that all the time with plant life. Grass and...trees. Maybe lower animals like birds or something. But we're talking about something as complex as humanoid life forms naturally evolving on two separate worlds. Kobol...and this planet. The odds against that are...

Baltar: Astronomical, yeah. One might even say there was a divine hand at work.

Adama: Well, whoever's responsible, we're here. And here's where we're gonna stay, with our new families.