Basic DRADIS Layout

The Direction Radiation/Energy Distance Sensory tracking system or DRADIS for short is the central fighter and celestial object tracking and energy sensory system of the Colonial and Imperial Colonial Fleet.

Analogous in function to Radar DRADIS is equipped and used on nearly all ships (including civilan) within the fleet.

System Function Edit

A "DRADIS contact" is an object or objects detected by DRADIS. Contacts are typically identified by cross-referencing with an IFF system (in the case of ships) or an astronomical database (in the instance of planets or other celestial bodies).

The symbols used on Colonial DRADIS displays for the representation of battlestars, Raptors, and Vipers are visible in the picture to the right.

DRADIS is also used to report radiological alarms.

DRADIS is likely a central component of the navigation computer on Colonial ships such as battlestars, as they do not navigate in sublight mode by visual means. Galactica's tactical and navigation data is displayed on a series of screens that form the DRADIS console, suspended above the CIC's Command and Control console.

System History Edit

RDM Continuity Edit

DRADIS seems to have existed even decades before the Cylon War had begun. DRADIS was installed into many forms of areocraft including Caprican Vipers and Hovercopters with a 360. uni-directional tri-screen setup.

WarStar Continuity Edit

After the end of the 1st Earth/Cylon war the still Union of 13 Colonies realized that a far more advanced on board sensory system then the basic scanner screens that were equipped on all Colonial MK-II Vipers during the era.