The Alexis is a luxury liner featured in the Battlestar Hermes story Battlestar Hermes: Salvage posted on The Alexis is just small enough to
400px-Luxury Liner

Colonial Heavy Liner Alexis

fit inside one of the Hangar Pods of the Battlestar Hermes but this prevents any Vipers or Raptors from using the Landing Deck.

Hiding from the CylonsEdit

The Alexis is found in the Erebus Belt which is located approximately two light years from Scorpia by the crew of the Hermes when they are searching for a missing pilot. It had landed on a large planetoid apparently in an effort to hide from the initial Cylon attack. Unknown to the passengers and crew onboard the vessel there was a Cylon agent, Natalie Faust, amongst them and rather than wait for the Cylon Fleet to catch up with the ship she decided to kill herself, thus download into a new body, and everyone onboard by opening the airlock and spacing all those aboard.


Olympic Carrier

The Colonial Heavy Liner Alexis

A team from the Hermes lead by Colonel Caleb Dytto managed to recover the vessel and it was later instrumental in the operation to retrieve supplies from Scorpia. During the operation it remianed under the command of Dytto.

Following the operation on Scorpia the Alexis was kept permenantly docked in the Hermes' Starboard Hangar Pod. Its FTL Drive is later removed in order for it to be fitted to the Faststar Eurylade. As of yet there are no indications of what the long term plan for the vessel will be.