Ancient Name: Capricorn
Star System Type: Yellow Giant within a single star system
Affiliation: Republic of the 12 Colonies
Central Defence Forces: Colonial Defense Forces
Primary Lifeforms: Human
Planetary Perameters

ColonialColors3 Offical Flag and Colors of Caprica

Caprica is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Planetary GeographyEdit

Central in the Trojan orbit of the Cyrannus System, Caprica is a beautiful blue-green world with the perfect climate. The colony had rolling hills, pleasant lakes, and deep forests. The cities were heavily populated, but it never seemed that way. Glittering silver towers spiked through bustling open air markets and plazas. Parks, rivers, and waterfalls were everywhere. So comfortable were Caprica's cities that people rarely paid attention to the steady lines of vehicles streaking past overhead.


Delphi at dusk


Caprica was also the center of government, education and culture. Its capital cities of Caprica City & Delphi housed all three central branches of the colonial government, Republic of the 12 Colonies. It also hosted the biggest corporations and universities in the system. The city had replicas of the Forum, Temple, and Opera House trying to replace the originals left behind on Kobol. The Museum of the Colonies displayed many original artifacts from the lost home world.

A Decadent PeopleEdit

Before the nukes fell, it seemed like half the colonists came to Caprica to visit the heart of colonial faith, business and law. Every year, the planet's spaceports grew and its cities expanded. While many visited, only the best and the brightest stayed. You had to be good to survive there. When you did though, life was worth living. Many claim that Capricans grew decadent, but its inhabitants were too comfortable to listen. They stretched out on sandy beaches, sailed clear blue seas, and enjoyed privileged and sheltered lives. Professionally, they raced around, making laws and money, rarely thinking beyond their atmosphere.

Capricans in the FleetEdit

Many Capricans have a hard time in the Fleet. Their specialized skills don't mean that much anymore and their former status tends to get them into trouble. A few, like Kara Thrace and Lee Adama are exceptions. These people came from the other Caprica, where the colonial military elite made its home. Several of Caprica's spaceports were exclusive to the fleet, and Caprica City's Government Center Plaza housed the Colonial Defense Mainfram and Gaius Baltar's Command Navigation Program.

Notable Capricans Edit

  • Daniel Graystone
  • Amanda Graystone
  • Zoe Graystone
  • William Adama
  • Lee Adama
  • Kara Thrace
  • Laura Roslin
  • Richard Adar