CQF-4000-E Ghost Raider
Hybrid WIP by Roguewing

Type-1 Raider Qf3000e-ghost Type-2 Raider

Class/Type: Ghost (Type-I)

Spectre (Type-II)

Length: 29.3ft. (8.94 Meters)
Beam: 18.3ft. (5.9 Meters)
Draft: 4.97ft. (1.52 Meters)
Ships Manufacturer: New Caprica Neo-Cybernetics
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: None (Internal AI Pilot/Jumpcore)
Skeleton Crew: none
Ships Systems
Main Navigation System: Internal Astrometric HyperJump System

Ships Command/Control (CNP) Interlink System

Main Sensor Systems: Multi-Directional Tactical Sensors
Misc. Systems: EPR Energy/Matter Bridge Temporal Cloaking Device

Cavorite powered Anti-Gravity Landing Field

Drive Systems
Power Systems: 1 Solenium Crystal Array (Central Power)

Personal Internal Bio-Electric Generator

Sub-Light Engines: CQ Cylon Drive
Main FTL Engines: 1 Mini Quantum (Temporal) Warp Synthesizer Core

Internal Techno-Organic HyperJump Core

Max Atmospheric Speed: 5.5 Hectons per Second (Mach 169)
Maximum FTL Acceleration/Range: Quantum SlipJump Range of 4.4 Uni-Parcecs
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: Type-1 Weapons

5 Internal Particle Lazer Torpedo Generator Arrays (Valkyrie & Ragnar Classes) (Multi Targeting)
Type-2 Weapons
8 Internal Particle Lazer Torpedo Arrays (Ragnar & Kali Classes) (Multi Targeting)

Missle Systems: Type-1 Missles
  • 5 Fusion Missile Tubes
  • 4 Nuclear Mass Warhead Tubes

Type-2 Missles

  • 3 Fusion Missile Tubes
  • 5 Nuclear Mass Warhead Tubes
  • 6 Hydrogen Mass Warhead Tubes
  • 2 BDM Mini Kenetic Mass Packet Launchers
  • 4 Solonite Spacial Charge Launchers
  • 2 Metron Warhead Tubes
  • 2 Solenium Mass Warhead Tubes
Particle Beam Weapons: Type-1 Weapons
  • 2 Bio-Phase Blast Beam Cannon Arrays (on Wings)
  • 7 Particle Lazer Cannons (Foward & Aft) (Hellfire Class)
  • 2 TurboLaser Mini Gatling Cannons

Type-2 Weapons

  • 4 TurboLaser Mini Gatling Cannons
  • 8 Particle Lazer Cannons (Hellfire Class)
  • 1 Phase Ion Beam Cannon
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 1 Focused Graviton Shot Heavy Beam Cannon Array (Central)

3 Phase Ion Cannon Arrays

Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: BioNeutronium/PolyCarbon External Hull
Countermeasures: Internal Electronic Countermeasure Particle Generator (ECM) Grid
Special Defense Systems: Biogenic Particle Energy
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040's)
Affiliation/Alligences: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Ships Navy/Fleet: Imperial Colonial Fleet
Ships Role/Purpose: Command Stealth Drone for all Imperial WarStars

Cylon Quantum Force-4000-E Ghost Raider is the main Stealth unmanned Cylon starfighter for all heavy defense Imperial WarStars.

Fighter Specifcations Edit

Fighter Control Edit

All Ghost fighters are controlled from 3 primary ship stations, the (CIC), The Command Weapons Core (CWC), and the ships central Command/Control Core. However primarily all unmanned fighter are centrally controlled through the Command Navigation Program (CNP) Interlink System located in every Imperial Fighter and centrally commanded by the ships Central Fighter Core (CFC)

Fighter History Edit

The Ghost was created as a 2nd Generation Starfighter replacing the Hyperdrive capable Hover lifting SuperRaider as the main Squadron reenforcement fighter for all Colonial Imperial Defensive Fleet Formation.