The Computron Oral Response Activated System or CORA for short is the central Colonial based advanced Ship Systems Command Computer control system which is utilized on all Imperial Colonial WarStars and starfighters within the United Empire of the 13 Colonies.

Main Systems Function Edit

CORA's main function is to act as a WarStars main control interface which is used in conjunction with the ships Cylon/Computron Datastream core and ships Colonial Defense Mainframe (CDM) in order to maximize ships control and defense function and effenecy without the absolute need of human and total Cylon control.

Command Control Edit

CORA operates mainly through the means of a Holographic Avatar interactive interface while primarily female in appearance it operates as a interlink between the ships crew and systems core. The CORA system can operate all ships systems upon ship officers vocal command such as Life Support, emergency, Medical, sub-light navigation (basic & combat), all sensory (Scientific & Tactical), all scientific and maintenance EVC Robotic units, Emergency propulsion, and some defensive weapons systems.

2ndary Control Edit

As well as main systems control CORA also is placed in charge of both feeding and entertaining the ships crew acting as a defacto ships morale officer in effect. CORA operates ships food service, holoentertainment, sports, and video interactive systems and activities aboard ship. Also in the Event of an emergency in which absolutley no Command Crew Officer (CCO) (Human or Cylon) can perform their duties CORA automatically assumes command over all ships systems and remaining crew.

Fighter Control Edit

CORA at this level is split into a multiple server activated long range fighter control and defense network. Each Imperial fighter within the fleet is equipped with its own personal CORA Command/Control. This mini CORA system acts as a fighters all purpose control system with even more control than its larger WarStar counterpart as with its ability to control over main fighters propulsion controls and strategic and weapons capability. The average CORA Fighter system working at optimal effencency can uniquely able to derive and execute ultralight evasive maneuvers through instantaneous analysis of up to five hundred attackers.

CORA Classes Edit

The CORA System comes in several classes and sub-classes of maximum operation (fully depending on individual ship and main function)