Battlestar Spirit of Liberty schematics

Battlestar Spirit of Liberty schematics

" When you need to scare the shit out of the bad guys or just need support you can count on the Battlestar Liberty." General Algren 2nd battle of New Earth 522 AE.

The Battlestar Spirit of Liberty BSG 074 or just the Liberty for short is the Flag Ship of Captain General Rafe von Lawernce and part of the Colonial Third Fleet. Built in the famed La Mons orbital ship yards over the inner colony of New California, the Liberty was built as part of the Endurance class battlestars. As such the Liberty was designed to opperate indepedently for up 7 years at a time. The Battlestar Liberty had a crew of nearly 1250 men and women, with over 400 marines for ship bordings and defense. In addition this is a full wing of vipers BSLT 72 in all plus various support craft. The Liberty was equiped with 9 main weapons batteries, each battery cantained 4 rail gun turrets. She also has her own fighter simulators for training and a large machine shop capable of producing anything from new fighters, ammunition, and replacement parts.

Begining of Imperial Federation War

The Battlestar Spirit of Liberty began her service as patrol ship along the Federations nuetral zone under the command of then Captain Rafe von Lawernce. It was there that the Liberty was the first Federation ship to engage Imperial forces invading Federation space. After a brief but deadly battle the Liberty was forced to head for a remote repair and supply station to refit and rearm. It was shortly after arriving at the station that Captain Lawernce realized that the Liberty was behind enemy lines.