Battlestar Prometheus (Series) are a fan fiction story writing by Ryan

A. Keeton. It is currently 3 season with 26 episode. The 27th episode is due out on December 25, 2010.
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Battlestar Prometheus

It Dimension Fifteen or the Battlestar Prometheus's Universe for Battlestar Galactica's Multiverse pages.

Dimension Fifteen (Battlestar Prometheus's Universe)Edit

The Battlestar Prometheus's Universe follow the Battlestar Prometheus a Nova Class Battlestar. It is send on a mission to find the Earth by President Richard Adar. It also include canon characters William Adama, Helen Cain, Gauis Baltar and President Richard Adar.

Season OneEdit

Episode One (Operation Outreach)Edit

Episode Two (Specter of the Past)Edit

Episode Three (Lands of the Gods)Edit

Episode Four (Wrath of Prometheus)Edit

Episode Five (Homefront)Edit

Episode Six (Children of the Exiles)Edit

Episode Seven (Children of the Exiles Part 2)Edit

Episode Eight (Hide and Seek)Edit

Episode Nine (Desperate Times)Edit

Episode Ten (Tears of Angels)Edit

Season TwoEdit

Episode One (In the Shadow of Evil)Edit

Episode Two (Grave Covenant)Edit

Episode Three (The Ones Left Behind)Edit

Episode Four (The Rescue)Edit

Episode Five (The Hunters)Edit

Episode Six (Gamma)Edit

Episode Seven (Ghost Ship)Edit

Episode Eight (Ghost Ship Part II)Edit

Episode Nine (Atlantia)Edit

Episode Ten (Be All My Sins Remembered)Edit

Season ThreeEdit

Episode One (Homecoming)Edit

Episode Two (Secrets)Edit

Episode Three (Wolf in the Fold)Edit

Episode Four (Black Wolf)Edit

Episode Five (Athena’s Tears)Edit

Episode Six (Dust and Bones)Edit

Episode Seven (Pandora)Edit

Due out 12/25/2010



Battlestar Prometheus follow it only timeline that used event from the New Battlestar Galactica Series.

18 months before the Fall

Battlestar Prometheus is send on a secret mission by President Adar. The mission is to locate the Thirteenth Tribe and Earth.

Zero Hour

The Colonies are destroyed by a Cylon attack.