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Class/Type: Mercury class

Battleship/Carrier Hybrid

Registry Designation: (BS-62)
Length: 5,872 feet (1,789.8m)
Current Status: Destroyed in Battle/Rebuilt
Construction Yard: Scorpion Fleet Shipyards
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 1,750
Commanding Officer (Captain): Rear Admiral Helena Cain

Commander Lee Adama (Replacement)

Executive (1st) Officer: Commander Jack Fisk
Chief Engineer: Barry Garner

Gina Inviere (Chief CNP Technician)

Drive Systems
Sub-Light Engines: 8 TurboDyne Engines
Main FTL Engines: 1 HyperJump FTL Core
Offensive Systems
Missle Systems: Fission Missiles
Kinetic Projectile Weapons: 34 Primary Kinetic Energy Weapons (30 twin barrel turrets, 4 fixed twin mounts)

10 to 20 Point-Defense Kinetic Energy Weapons

Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Nuclear Warheads
Upgraded (Mounted) Weapons Systems: Cylon Organic Resin reinforced hull
Defensive Systems
Basic Defense Systems: Electronic Countermeasure Generators
Special Defense Systems: Force/Blast Shields

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Pegasus (BS-62) is a Mercury class Battlestar, and one of the two battlestars that survived the assault on the colonies. It emerged less damaged than Galactica and it is at least 1 and a quarter times bigger than it. It survived the colonies' destruction due to maintenance being performed on it at the time of the invasion resulting in a lack of connection to the compromised defense network. The ship escaped the destruction of the shipyards by executing a random jump into empty space. Upon surviving the destruction of the fleet, Pegasus' commander Admiral Cain, decided to commence a strike-and-retreat assault on the cylon fleet to keep up crew morale. Several days after the attack, Pegasus encountered a small, helpless civilian fleet; the Admiral made the controversial decision to strip the fleet of essential parts to make repairs. It joined Galactica's colonial fleet several months after the assault, leading to a power-battle between Cain and Adama for the position of Admiral. The battlestar aided the colonial fleet for a number of months until it was seemingly sacrificed by Commander Lee Adama as a diversion in order for Galactica to pick up inhabitants of New Caprica.

Return & Repair[]

Years after both the events of New Caprica and the Cylon Civil War the Galactica was under massive Cylon refit, Commander Lee (Apollo) realized that the failing battlestar would not be enough. So the Commander pleaded with his father the Admiral to send a small Raptor group back to New Caprica to see if any salvageable parts from the Pegasus may have survived the assault. At 1st the Admiral refused however after personally viewing that even with Cylon repairs the Galactica's many remaining systems were still failing he finally agreed and allowed 4 Raptors along with 2 to 3 Vipers as armed escort.


Pegasus seemed to carry a similar armament to Galactica. There were multiple turrets mounted on the hull to produce a firing solution to destroy hostile fighters and any incoming missiles. For ship-to-ship combat, there were several launch tubes for nuclear warheads.


Pegasus' Mercury-class design featured two non-retractable double-runway flight pods for the launching/receiving of fighters and light transports. Unlike Galactica, the attack came on Pegasus while all of the Viper squadrons were shipboard, and were therefore not annihilated in the assault. The ship possessed several squadrons of Mk. VII Vipers for strafing and dog fighting style combat. In addition to the Vipers, Pegasus held a compliment of Raptors for bombing, transport, and scouting duties.