Cover for the short story "Memories of Scylla"

"Battlestar Hermes: Memories of Scylla"
is a short 'one-shot' story set in the Battlestar Hermes series. It describes the events surrounding the boarding of almost three thousand civilians from three ships - Medea, Scylla and Simonides.


The story was written in order to help fill in the blanks before the start of the first volume of the Hermes story - "Battlestar Hermes: Salvage". "Salvage" starts 17 days after 'The Fall' of the Colonies and features a brief prologue describing what had already happened. The author chose to do this so that the story did not get bogged down in events that were already known from established canon.


The story starts the day that crewmembers from the Battlestar Pegasus board the Civilian transport ship Scylla. James Deveroux watches as the events unfold in front of him with some glee.

Three days later the Hermes stumbles upon three ships from the Scylla's fleet. The three ships try to run from the Hermes fearing a repeat of what happened but this results in the Simonides running out of fuel. Reluctantly the Captain allows a Raptor to board the ship and there the crew of the Hermes learn what their colleagues had done.

Feeling a sense of guilt over what has happened Bowman allows the civilians to come aboard the Hermes and live in the Barrack Section of the ship. Among the new arrivals is Melissa Saunders.

The story ends with the sealing up of the civilians in the Barrack Section, their future uncertain and the nature of the Battlestar Hermes is changed forever

Critical ReceptionEdit

The story is published on and to date has received three reviews. 'The Hidden Sith' described it as "A great new story". 'Nedy Rahn' described it as "Good". 'Wes Imlay' wrote "Excellent one-shot, and considering the actions of the Pegasus it is completely believable."

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