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  • Date- 27 April 2009: This wiki is created!
  • Date- 28 February 2010 Were up to over 70 pages so this qualifies us to be placed on Wikia's entertainment main page!
  • Date- 27 March 2010 I've further Tweaked the wikis skin to make it even more like its canon counterpart (see link at top) LLP
  • Date- 03 October 2010 *Sigh* due to the massive changes in Wikias new skin the default skin will have to remain as Obsession (the default skin of most of Wikias vampire and Halloween themed wikis) until the wikis theme designer can be tweaked/repaired.
  • Date- 30 December 2010: Happy New Years All!! We've finally fixed the wikis skin thanks to Wikias theme designer and were also starting our icon system for users and character infobox ranks. Hopefully we'll have the Quorum of administrators completed by next year. Good Luck in 2011!!

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I Thought that we need to now include all Battlestar related sites as part of a possible site hubring or network.

The main reason for this wiki

Hello User:Lindsay Lohan Phoenix here creator and proprietor of this little wiki and I Just Wanted to send a small message to all fellow Galactica fans out there. In reality im (Brace yourselves Folks!) a Star Trek fan and also a writer on several other fanon wikis especially Memory Gamma (The Star Trek Fanon Wiki) so I noticed that while many other sci fi shows and films had their own fanon wiki battlestar really didnt (Except for Battlestar Prometheus wiki however it seems that that is strictly only for that story and all related stories to it alone. Also the other main reason for the creation of this wiki would be Galactica's Series finale. I knew that many fans including myself would be annoyed by the series end so would try to create their own versions of Daybreak. However there are little avenues any where on the net where one can do this even here on Wikia. Until now! not only can you create your own stories you can also create your own ships and characters too so enjoy! and welcome!.

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