Hermes Class Escort Battlestar

Battlestar Daedalus, an Hermes Class Escort Battlestar

The Daedalus is a Hermes Class Escort Battlestar, but better known as an Pocket Battlestar. It was one of the 'Pocket Battlestars' that came along after the First Cylon War.

In order to rebuild the fleet quickly the vessels were about two-thirds the size of the preceeding Columbia Class but incorporated numerous advances as a result of the experience gained during the bitter conflict. Hermes was was the first such 'Pocket Battlestar' followed swiftly by the Daedalus and the Glorious. The smaller size made the vessel cheaper to build, a necessity in the harsh post war economy, but were not as capable as the first generation Battlestars and as such had short lives on the frontline. Towards the end of their lives they spent much of their time as training ships. By the time of 'The Fall' both ships had been out of service for several years.

Although the Battlestar has yet to be mentioned in Battlestar Hermes: Salvage it is frequently referenced to in Wes Imlay's Ride of the Valkyrie which features a younger Artimus Bowman, future Commander of the Battlestar Hermes. During his time aboard the ship he commanded the Blue Hawks Raptor Display Team. While attempting a dangerous FTL Crossover tragedy struck when two Raptors collided killing one of the pilots.


This article refers to the Battlestar Daedalus mentioned in the Battlestar Hermes series of Fan Fiction on It is not canon and does not refer to any other Battlestar by that name.

Image created by Conan Parsu.