Battleground Colonies is the story of a small group of Colonial survivors led by Captain Mark "Archangel" Hunter

The story follows their story of survival as they cross Sagittaron looking for a ship which they can use to travel to Caprica in the hope of rescue from anyone who may have survived.

The story focuses on Archangel who before the attack was the CAG for the Battlestar Atlantia. Taking shore leave on the eve of the attack he is on his home planet of Sagittaron. Finding themselves alive after the nuclear bombardment Archangel and his two freinds Mike Kent also known as Skeeter and Danny Maples realise what is happening around them. After managing to contact his commanding officer, Admiral Negala, he follows his orders to find a ship and make his way to Caprica where it should be easier for them to find rescue.

After finding another survivor, Grace Dent the group begin their long and arduous journey across the planet.