AssaultStar Phoenix 01

Class/Type: Athena (Science/Exploratory AssaultStar)
Registry Designation: IWS-840602-001
Length: 5,020 Meters
Beam: 2,020 Meters
Draft: 620 Meters
Decks/Sections: 10 Main/Command Sections
  • 240 Decks
  • 5 Flight Decks
Cargo Capasity: 100,250 Metric Tons
Laid: February 21, 2038
Launched: May 20, 2041
Current Status: Active (4 Years)
Ships Manufacturer: Cain Industries (Military Designer)

Fenris Corp. (Aero & Astronautics)
Quantum Mechanix (Propulsion Designers)

Construction Yard: Aquarian Fleet Shipyards, New Aquarius Colony, Jupiter
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2,050 (Imperial Standard)
Skeleton Crew: 250 (With full Cylon Bio-Automation)
Passenger Capasity: 940 (Basic)

9,140 (Maximum/Emergency)

Commanding Officer (Captain): Cassandra Cain
Executive (1st) Officer: Athena Agathon
Chief Medical Officer: Cassandra Geminon
Chief Engineer: Callandra Tyrol
Chief Helmsperson: Sandstrom-10
Chief Tactical and Security Officer: Gina Inviere
Ships Systems
Main Computer System(s): Holographic & Voice Interactive CORA System
Main Navigation System: Temporal Astrogation & Metrics
Avionics/Helm Systems: Mental Pyramid Interface Linked CORA System
Main Sensor Systems: DRADIS Linked Radiological Sensors

Tactical Combat Sensor array

Misc. Systems: EPR Matter/Energy Bridge Temporal Cloaking Device (Imperial Standard)
  • 200 HyperJump Transporter Sections (Human & Cargo)
  • Quantum (Temporal) and Multi Dimensional (Magnetic Void) Communications Array
  • Full Ship wide Cavorite powered Anti-Gravity Landing Field
  • Non Electrical Sound wave activated Communications array (Short Range)
  • Ravashol Pulsar Lazer Communications array (Long Range)
Drive Systems
Power Systems: (Central Power)

1 Solenium Crystal Sphere

  • 120 Solium (Liquid Solenium) Energy Cells
  • 450 Tylium Reserve Energy Pods
  • 10 interconnected P-Rod Powered Energizer Arrays
  • 10,000 Particle Energy Lazer Reactors (Main Lazer power)
  • 20,000 Rapid Light energy Lazer Generators (Turbolazer & Back up power only)
  • Internal Tachyon Pulse engine energy generator (for sub-light engine power only)
  • 4,000 Petro Gas Generators (Emergency Power)
Power Output: 1 to the power of 100 Billon QuadraWatts
Sub-Light Engines: 10 Tachyon Ultradrive Turbodyne Engines

20,000 Heavy Maneuvering Thrusters (Hull Wide)

Main FTL Engines: 1 QuantumJump Core
Max Atmospheric Speed: 9 Hectons per Second (Mach 225)
Maximum FTL Acceleration/Range: Magnetic Void Range of 4 Uni-Parcecs (Galactic Distances)
Maximum Hyperspeed/Jump Range: 440 Parsecs per Second
Maximum Quantum (Temporal) Jump Range: 8 Uni-Parcecs
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: 1,500 Particle Lazer Torpedo Generators (Valkyrie Class) (Multiple Targeting)
Missle Systems: 600 Fusion Missle Tubes (Classes 4 to 12)
Particle Beam Weapons: 120 TurboLaser Mini Cannons
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 2 Forward Focused Graviton Shot Heavy Beam Cannons
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: SWAG Energy absorbing armor (Primary External)
Countermeasures: Electronic Countermeasure Particle Generator (ECM) grid (hull wide)
Basic Defense Systems: EM Based Polarized Particle Lazer Shields

Electronic Defense Shields (2ndary/Emergency)

Special Defense Systems: Force Shields
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040')
Affiliation/Alligences: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Ships Navy/Fleet: Colonial Athena Defense Exploration Fleet
Ships Role/Purpose: Command Ship of Athena Defense Long Range Fleet
Allies: Imperial Colonial Fleet
Enemies: 3rd Cylon Empire

Phoenix-1202 (Imperial Registry: IWS-840602-001) is a Athena Class Scientific Exploration/Heavy Defense Warstar Commissioned by the United Empire of the 13 Colonies for the long range Re-exploration of the Cyrnus Galaxy and find any surviving refugees from the holocaust of the original 12 Colonies.

Ship Specifications Edit

Shield Strength Specifications Edit

  • Max Shield Resistance (Force Shields): Up to 20 to the power of 10 Billon Ultra-Tons of heavy weapons impact per 100 yards of Shield cover.
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Resistance: 85%
  • Kinetic/Energy Impact Resistance (Particle Shields): Up to 100 Trillion Ultra-Tons of direct Projectile/Lazer Weapons Fire.
  • Thermal Damage Resistance: Up to 10 to 20 Million Degrees Kelvin.

Hull Strength Specifications Edit

It should be noted that SWAG armor was picked as the main primary hull of all Imperial WarStars in order to both absorb latent solar and radiating energy within any stellar system the Phoenix enters and to act as both protection and a recharge element to all ships weapons systems while being fired upon.

  • Max Impact Resistance: Up to 1 to the power of 80 Million Ultra-Tons of heavy weapons impact per 100 yards of hull.
  • EM Resistance: 75% of Electromagnetic Spectral radiating impact.
  • Kinetic/Energy Impact Resistance: 10 to 20 Million Ultra-Tons of direct Projectile/Lazer Weapons Fire per Square Foot.
  • Thermal Damage Resistance: 800,000 Degrees Kelvin.
  • Dive Impact Resistance: Up to 85 Atmospheric Pressures
  • Radioactive Resistance: Up to of 1E30T Gamma Rays

Fighter Launch Systems Edit

8,040 Fighter Launch Tubes
4 Launch Pylons (Central Launch Platforms)

Ship Areas/Deck Overview Edit

For full detailing OF Central ships sections see WarStar (D2) (Ship Overview)

Construction History Edit

IWS Phoenix was 1st commissioned for construction on January 15, 2038, on Aquarian Fleet Shipyards within Sol System on New Aquarius within orbit over Jupiter. The ship was the 1st Stage of the Colonial Heritage Project which was a massive project in which the Empire would try to explore and find its celestial Roots and for the possible recolonization of the Colonials home galaxy.

After the 3rd Cylon Fleet was awakened, it was quickly refitted to maximize its combat capability.
The refit Phoenix served as the basis for the followup NovaStar Betelgeuse

Ship Crew Manifest Edit

Command Crew
Ships Position Name Years Active
Commanding Officer (Fleet Captain) Cassandra Andromeda Cain 2048-Current
Executive (First) Officer Athena 2047-Current
Second Officer

(Colonial Holographic Computron Interface)

Lead Deck Officer Jackson Fisk 2048-Current
Chief Astrometric's Officer/Helmsperson Sandstrom (Series 10-1440)
Chief Tactical Officer Gina Inviere
Ships Command (Overall) Engineer Michael Richards 2045-Current
Chief (ISE) Engineer Callandra Tyrol (D2) 2048-Current
Chief Deck/Maintenance Officer Catalina Catheraneis 2048-Current
Chief Astromedical Officer Cassiopeia Persci Geminon 2048-Current
Chief Civilian Medical Officer James Cottle 2047-Current
Colonial Marine Commander Alex Thorne 2048-Current
  • ZOE-A-0112 (Zoe-A) (Colonial Weapons Core (CDM) Holographic Interface)

Combat Crew Edit

While the Phoenix has a large capable Human crew it really only needs half of its current combat crew, this is due to the the Phoenix's extensive Cylon Bio-Automation. Also the ship houses a vast Cylon attack fleet and Maintenance crew. This section will detail the full crew compliment and several of its Combat Crew-members.

Colonial Human Edit

  • 2,040 (All human crew combined)
  • 1,010 (Imperial Marine)
  • 20 (Integral Systems Engineering Officers)
  • 1,010 (Flight Crew) (All other non piloted fighters are directly controlled through the CORA Fighter Combat Control Network System, or in extreme emergencies can be used as emergency escape pods).

Imperial Allied Cylon Edit

Flight Crew Edit

All Imperial Fighter Squadrons are paired through color code separation.

Blue Squadron (Central Command)
Squad Position Name Callsign Years Active
Squad Commander Kara Thrace Starbuck 2048-Current
Command Wingman Series-12 Agamemnon 2048-Current
2nd Wingman John (Series 7-512) Maverick 2048-Current
3rd Wingman Aurora Gloria Alonzo Celestial Rose (Rosie) 2047-Current
Red Squadron
Squad Position Name Callsign Years Active
Squad Commander Lee Adama Apollo 2048-Current
Lead Wingman Sharon Agathon Boomer 2048-Current
2nd Wingman *Andromeda Athena Aphroditos Barbie 2049-Current
Ice Squadron
Squad Position Name Callsign Years Active
Squad Commander Sasha Catherine Katraine Cat 2048-Current

Special Crew (Scientific/Exploratory) Edit

Past all of Phoenix's massive combat and weapons systems you must realize that it is mainly used as a Science and Exploration ship. This following section details all of Phoenix's Science crew.

Ships Position in Fleet Configuration Edit

The IWS Phoenix is the Command Ship of the Athena Long Range Defense Fleet. Its main purpose is to Coordinate all of the other fleets ships and Fighters in order to maximize combat effencency. The Phoenix as all Imperial Command Warstars are surrounded by at least a minimum of 4 Imperial Allied Cylon BaseStars also known as Warstars. The other ships of the Athena Line are.

Athena Fleet Ships (Colonial Human) Edit

  • IWS Mercury (GunStar Sniper (Long Range Fire)) Commanding Officer: Alex Adama
  • IWS Hydra (GunStar Blitz (Heavy Short Range)) (Colonial Marine Troop Transport) Ships Nickname: FrakStar
  • IWS Orion (Star Hunter Heavy Combat)
  • IWS Shiva Athena Class FightingStar (2nd in Command of Scientific Mission)

Imperial Allied Cylon Edit

  • CWS Medusa Imperial Cylon Command HyperStar (Heavy Combat) Cylon Equivalent to NovaStar
  • CWS Hestia Imperial Cylon Medical Warstar (All Imperial Fleets include at least 1 Cylon Hospital BaseStar.)

Ships Full Fighter & Combat Mecha Compliment Edit

Each ship within the Imperial Fleet are allowed to create their own class of Viper Fighter Named after the ship that it is built on and sometimes is used on other ships in the Empire if the fighters service record is excellent. Also every fighter within the Imperial Fleet is equipped with a fully operating CORA system.

Starfighter Compliment (Colonial Human) Edit

Starfighter Complement (Imperial Allied Cylon) Edit

Heavy Mech Compliment Edit

Emergency Systems Edit

The following section is a list of Phoenix's Emergency systems and Ship Sections.

Live Video Example Edit

The following is a series Videos of the Phoenix along with many other ships in the Athena fleet running Weapons and ships/fighter formation training drills. The films were originally made as a training tool for many other Long Range Imperial ships that were to follow the fleet in to the Cyrnus Galaxy. (However it must be noted that this series of films was created BEFORE the reawakening of the 3rd Cylon Fleet.)


Phoenix Firing its main Particle Lazer Batteries

thumb|500px|right|AssaultStar Phoenix Training Drill