Ancient Name: Aquarius
Star System Type: Yellow Giant within a single star system
Affiliation: Republic of the 12 Colonies
Central Defence Forces: Colonial Defense Forces
Primary Lifeforms: Human
Planetary Perameters


Aquaria (Ancient name: Aquarius) is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Named so after its vast and abundant oceans Aquaria is well known for its independent and resourceful sea fairing society. Aquaria is one of the 12 colonies without a capitol city.


Aquaria is just ahead of Caprica in the system's Trojan orbit. Dotted with many small seas, its tribe settled along the coasts and developed a water-oriented culture including a strong sailing tradition. The planet's proximity to Caprica and Virgon made it cheap and easy to trade their two most abundant resources: fish and algae. They also developed highly efficient growing techniques that worked pretty much everywhere. Nearly every botanical ship in the fleet is either owned or operated by Aquarians.



Aquarians are quiet, thinker types. Some call them shifty but more often than not, they just don't have anything to say. Rather than fill the air with noise, they keep to themselves. Aquarians are extremely self-sufficient and ask few questions. They get to the point and rarely bicker. The only time they're really talkative is when they're telling stories. The Aquarians do love their stories. Most of the time, they tell creepy campfire tales about ghosts and the power of the sea. The Aquarians never really pushed inland, leaving a lot of their world untamed, unexplored. Their folklore therefore focused on stories which wondered what was out there, lurking in the darkness of the night.


Watching Aquarians in the Fleet, it seems like they feel the same way about space. "We could find anything out here." It's not unusual to find them just staring out a porthole, watching the stars, dreaming up new stories. Might be why so many entertainers come from Aquaria. Their minds are always wandering. Lots of tortured artists among them too. They might not mind being alone but many don't get along in their own heads either.

Lots of Aquarians are in the service. They don't mind space so much: sea sailing on their home world is far worse. You lose control in space, you drift. You lose control on the sea, you die. Best of all, Aquarians rarely get rattled. Even in the most pitched battles, with the ship bucking and jerking, they just stomp across the deck, never losing their footing.

Notable AquariansEdit

Miksa Burian