Aerelon is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
Aerilon (Aerelon)

Aerelon Flag

Long ago, Aerilon was called Aries. The world and its people were sturdy and dependable. Aerelon's vast, fertile fields fed eighty percent of the system. Still, Aerelon's people were among the poorest in the Twelve Colonies.

They had to import technology and manufactured goods - mostly items they could not make for themselves. They were considered to be somewhat poor hagglers, looking for fairness in all things. Some call this naive, but anyone lucky enough to call an Aerelon friend could rely on that friend for life.

Aerelon's cities were small and unassuming. Few of the buildings were more than a couple of stories high. The Aerelons didn't build what they didn't need, keeping their communities close and compact.

This showed in their daily lives. Most Aerelons were born, grew old, and died in the same hundred square kilometers. Some never left the towns of their birth. They woke each day in the same beds, worked each day in the same fields, and ended each night in the same pubs, drinking the same beer.

Outsiders saw this life as sad and unfulfilled, but the Aerelons were proud of their simple lives. They did an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

Given their background, Aerelons have had a pretty easy time acclimating in the Fleet. That, and the fact that a fair chunk of the marines and deck crew grew up with dirty, farm-worn hands. The military was always the easiest way off the farmstead.


Alisander Asiel

Glaius Baltar

Julius Baltar

Sekou Hamilton



Spelling of the colony change between Aerilon and Aerelon during the series. However since this pages is base on the Twelve Colonies Map (A) which used Aerelon that is what is used.