AVQ-1012 Mega-Raptor
Aliases/Other Names: MiniStar
Class/Type: Heavy Fighter/Mini Combat/Defense Crusier
Decks/Sections: 5
Launched: November 10, 2038
Years Active: 5 Years
Current Status: Active
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 25 (Standard)
Skeleton Crew: 5 (With full Cylon Bio-Automation)
Passenger Capasity: 220
Ships Systems
Main Computer System(s): Central CORA Controlled CDM Interface
Main Navigation System: Temporal Astrogation and Metrics
Misc. Systems: EPR Matter/Energy Bridge Temporal Cloaking Device (Imperial Standard)
  • 20 HyperJump Transporter Sections (Human & Cargo)
  • Quantum (Temporal) and Multi Dimensional (Magnetic Void) Communications Array
  • Full Ship wide Cavorite powered Anti-Gravity Landing Field
  • Non Electrical Sound wave activated Communications array (Short Range)
Drive Systems
Power Systems: 1 Central Solenium Fusion Chamber

120 Tylium Power Cells

Sub-Light Engines: 10 Mini Heavy Tachyon TurboDyne Manuvering Engines

200,000 Micro Heavy Impact Manuvering Thrusters

Main FTL Engines: 1 Quantum Warp Synthesizer Jump Core

1 Primary Cylon HyperJump FTL Core (Combat Jump Capable)

Max Atmospheric Speed: 4 Hectons per second
Maximum Hyperspeed/Jump Range: 320 Parcecs Per second
Maximum Quantum (Temporal) Jump Range: 4 Uni-Parcecs
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: 25 Particle Lazer Torpedo Generation Arrays (Ragnar & Kali Classes)
Missle Systems: 48 Fusion Missle Tubes (Foward and Sides)
Particle Beam Weapons: 20 TurboLaser Mini Gatling Cannons

450 Heavy Particle Lazer Cannons (White Inferno Class)

Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 2 Foward Focused Graviton Shot Heavy Beam Cannons
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: SWAG Energy absorbing armor (Primary External)
Countermeasures: =Electronic Countermeasure Particle Generator (ECM) grid (hull wide)
Basic Defense Systems: EM Based Polarized Particle Lazer Shields

Electronic Defense Shields (2ndary/Emergency)

Special Defense Systems: Force Shields
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040's)
Affiliation/Alligences: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Ships Navy/Fleet: Entire Imperial Colonial Defense Fleet

Prophecy1 Prophecy2

Avionic Vehicle Quantum (Model No.-1012) Mega-Raptor is the main Heavy Fighter/Troop Transport/Support Craft for the Imperial Colonial Defense Fleet within both the Milky Way and Cyrnus Galaxies.

Fighter Specifications Edit

The 1012 Mega-Raptor (also known as a MiniStar due to its large troop and weapons capability) is the central Ultra-Combat Fighter for the main Heavy Defense Corps. of the Imperial Defense Fleet. The 1012 was one of the 1st Imperial Colonial support ships to be outfitted with a fully intergrated Cylon Hybrid QuantumJump Core.

This allowed for the Raptor to have all or more of the possible maneuverability equal to that of a fully powered WarStar

Main Craft Function Edit

The 1012 Mega-Raptor primarly acts a mass troop transport and similar to the WarStar itself an Heavy Fighter Combat support/defense unit, also it can be used as an front line Heavy Impact Cruiser. While the 1012-Series is primarily placed on board NovaStars the Mega-Raptor can also be docked into a basic WarStar in emergency situations.