870-1220 V10 Athena

Athena Unit next to Imperial Colonial Officer

Vital statistics
Series/Class/Type: 870-Series Cylon Heavy Defense Science Probe Mech Unit
Gender: None
Creation Date: April 10, 2038
Height: 69.5 ft.
Weight: 234 Metric Tons
Position: Central Scientific and Heavy Combat Probe Unit
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: 4 Hyper rotating HyperCarbide Kenetic Gatling Cannons (Multipositioning)
Particle Beam Weapons: 15 internal Heavy Particle Lazer Cannons (Hellfire Class)
  • 5 TurboLaser Gatling Cannons
  • 2 Arm mounted Phase Ion Cannons
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 1 Internal Chest mounted Nuclear Beam Cannon (Medium 840 RAD Yield)
  • 5 Particle Lazer Torpedo Generation Arrays (Multitargeting)

(Mounted Weapons)

  • 2 Fusion Missle Launch Packs (Back Mounted)
  • 1 Heavy Focused Graviton Beam Cannon (Emergency Weapon)
  • 4 Demolition Plasma Bio-Cannons (Arm & Back Mounted)
Cybernetic Systems: 2,000 Arm apertures for Various Science/Sensory systems

Internal DRADIS Combat sensory array (Omni-Directional)

Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: SWAG/Neo-Titanium outer shell (External Intermolecular Mix)
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040s)
Affiliations: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Enemies: 3rd Cylon Empire

The 870-1220 V10 Athena Cylon Heavy Mechinized Heavy Defense/Science Probe Bio-Unit is the main mechinized primary extreme exploration and defense unit mainly used by the Athena Science/Defense Fleet within the most remote or high danger areas/regions of the Cyrnus Galaxy.

The Athena is most useful for the Athena Fleet during the 2nd battle of Arcta, in which it was used primarily as a heavy offensive/exploratory unit.

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